3nt Warsaw City Break inc. Flights – £143pp

Poland’s capital city has stood the test of time, having pretty much rebuilt itself from the Second World War. After the war, Warsaw fell under Soviet occupation until the same year as the Berlin wall was brought down, 1989. Since, a large investment has been made to restore historical monuments to their original states.

The sprawling town with diverse architecture including restored Gothic, relics of communist concrete, and the more modern design constructions of glass and steel. Unlike other popular Poland destinations, Warsaw is broader with a lesser focus on a singular old-market square.


Travelling in May means that the weather has started to pick up, and you can expect high-teens as your average.

Places to Visit
There are a multitude of things to see and do in Warsaw, but to to name a few:

Warsaw Pass
Like many of Europe’s main tourist cities, Warsaw has produced it’s own Visitors Pass which provides a number of benefits around the city, including free entry to key attractions, skip the line and free public transportation.

These passes have varying validity of 24, 48 or 72hours from their first time of use. There are two prices for each pass, a Standard rate and Reduced rate. The reduced rate applies to Youths (25 years or younger) and Seniors (65 years or older).

  • 24 Hours Warsaw Pass – 119 złotych / 99 złotych (approx. £21 / £17.50)
  • 48 Hours Warsaw Pass – 159 złotych / 139 złotych (approx. £28 / £24.50)
  • 72 Hours Warsaw Pass – 189 złotych / 169 złotych (approx. £33 / £29.50)

To find out more details about the Warsaw Pass, click here.



Apartment Ten – £172
This is technically a hotel, but rather your own 55-meter-squared suite. You will have your own kitchen, dining / living area, balcony, free wifi, private bathroom and anything you may need to stay self-catered in the centre of Warsaw. This is a perfect option if you are trying to keep costs down for eating out. I suggest nipping the supermarket, picking up some local ingredients and making yourself a packed lunch / cheap breakfast.

With an additional sofa-bed, you could even make this apartment easily accommodate four people. That means over three nights, you would be paying £14.34pppn.

Residence St. Andrew’s Palace – £190
Another suite set up, this time with breakfast as an option (£18 over three days) and more of a “hotel” feel. The Junior suite is 50-meter-squared and has all possible amenities needed for your stay in the city. This Palace is perfectly located within the centre, and is roughly 1.5miles from the Old Town.  Once again wifi is included within the rate.

Radissson Blu Centrum Hotel (5*)  – Warsaw – £181
The Radisson Blu name is known across the globe – but you may be interested to know that this particular Radisson has a pool and gym available to all guests. There is also a spa available at an additional fee.

Breakfast is not included and is available for an extra charge of PLN 95 (~£16.50) per person per night.

Top Tips

  1. TopCashback currently have an offer for Hotels.com offering 10.5% back on bookings through a desktop PC, or alternatively 12.6% through the App. That is a £21.67 discount through the App!
    If you’re not on TopCashback already – sign up!
  2. Plan your trip to see if the Warsaw Pass is of value to you before buying it. Many of the attractions are free / cheap to access, so you may not be getting as good as deal as you think!
  3. If you decide to make the most of Poland’s cheap alcohol costs, especially local vodkas – either pre-book a checked bag when you buy your flights or add this several days before you fly to secure the best rates. Alternatively, you can wait until you reach the airport to stock up in Duty Free!


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