3nt Amsterdam City Break inc. Flights – £141pp

Do I even have to begin to explain the varying appeals of Amsterdam? You can take a number of approaches when you visit the city, but regardless of what you do while you’re there – you deserve to get the best deal you can.

Flights to Amsterdam are usually best value in Jan-April, with the prices increasing with demand during the warmer months.


Easyjet - Flights 21-24 PM-PM

An earlier departure flight from Liverpool, and a later flight from Amsterdam are available – but this would put you back an additional £25each.

As standard, my rules for choosing hotels are; Guest Rating 3.5 or higher, Central Location, Minimum 3* rating, and good value.

Die Port van Cleve Hotel (3*) – £215
This hotel is high ranking for service and location; it should be noted that breakfast is available as a surcharge but wifi is included.

This rate is an offer for a three night stay, and will get you a standard double or twin room.

Hotel The Exchange (3*)– £216
This hotel is quirky. All the rooms are themed, and is definitely an experience. All reviews are hugely positive and points towards a distinctive stay.


Extra Money-Savers

  1. TopCashback currently have an offer for Hotels.com offering 10.5% back on bookings through a desktop PC, or alternatively 12.6% through the App. That is a £27.09 discount through the App!
  2. Avoid Taxis. Trams around Amsterdam tend to be in the region of €2.80 each way, with offers on 1 day, 2 day, 3 day and 7 day tickets. If you do need to hop a cab, try Uber which is now becoming popular in the city.
  3. Like many European cities, Amsterdam have large number of bakeries making it the perfect breakfast option rather than paying over the odds in a hotel.

If you’re not on TopCashback already – sign up! I have earned £241.00 so far through Holidays, Hotel Bookings and the occasional Clothes purchase!

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