Cheap Christmas Train Fares

Train tickets as a general rule are released 12 weeks ahead of time; which means that Christmas and New Year tickets have just been released.

Travelling around Christmas is a nightmare on Public Transportation, as they will use the opportunity to undertake crucial maintenance – but on the lead up to Christmas or a early 2016 getaway they’re cheap as chips – or at least a takeaway.

Train tickets, similar to Airline Fares, are calculated by availability. I.e. Batch A will be sold at the lowest rate, once they’ve been booked, Batch B will be released at a slightly higher face value. First Class and Economy tickets operate independently under different batches – which is why it is always worth your effort checking the First Class price too. Sometimes you will find a First Class train fare for a fraction of the price of the high-demand Economy Ticket; especially on last minute bookings!

Here a few that I found as examples, all from Liverpool Lime Street

  • Manchester – Same Day Return (£6.00 Economy) Direct
  • Leeds – Same Day Return (£16.40 Economy, £37.00 First Class) Direct
  • London – Weekend Return (£30.00 Economy, £80.00 First Class) Direct
  • Edinburgh – Weekend Return (£36.80 Economy, £65.60 First Class) Direct

There are plenty of journeys to choose from at cheap rates.

151205 Leeds Day Return

Liverpool to Leeds

151205 Edinburgh Weekend Return

Liverpool to Edniburgh

151212 Birmingham

Liverpool to Birmingham Stns

151212 London Weekend Return

Liverpool to London Euston

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